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New century Shanghai transportation new appearance

Shanghai is one of Chinese important transportation key positions, aviation, railroad, road, water transportation are development, may direct go to more than 50 countries of world from here and the local important cities by plane, may go each big and the middle city domestically, the airline opens a new route every month; The Shanghai train station had the nearly hundred pair of trains to go and return every day in each place, Shanghai, Ning, the Hangzhou area passenger train has realized " the train become public " in the main big station; The Shanghai and Nanjing highway is span 274 kilometers, convenient, safe, time-saving, only needs 160 minutes from Shanghai to Nanjing; Port of Shanghai is the nation only has the marine transportation, Yangtze River, the inland river route harbor, leads to the domestic and foreign more than 50 harbors, is the famous busy harbor in the world.
The Shanghai subway first line was completed to open to traffic, in April, 1995, the total length is 16.1 kilometers, set up the Shanghai train station, the Hanzhong road, the Xinzha road, the people's square, Huang pi south road, the Shaanxi south road, Changshu road, the Hnegshan road, the Xujiahui, the Shanghai stadium, the Caobao road, the Sinlunghua, the Jinjiang park and so on 13 stands.
The first project appear the eastwest trend of Shanghai subway No 2 lines, passes through the Huangpu River, from the Puxi Zhongshan Park to Pudong LongYang road station, the span is 16.3 kilometers, altogether supposes the Zhongshan Park, the Jiangsu road, the Jinan temple, the Shimen road, the people's park, the Henan middle road, LuJiazui, the Dongchnag road, the Eastern road, YangGao south road, the century park and LongYang road 12 underground stations. Transport business time: 5:30-22:00 toward the Shanghai train station direction 6:30-2:30 toward the Chinchiang paradise direction urban district public transportation entire date line time is generally 4:00 - 23:00; Is the high crest line from morning to night which take 2 or 4 characters driveheads line (time generally as early 6:00 - 8:30, in the afternoon 15:30 - 18:00); Is all night the line which take 3 characters driveheads line (time generally as 23:00 - 4:00).
In addition, but also has the view the scenic bus, tours the route is: Jingjiang hotel - people square (west of museum side) - Eastern pearl tower - eight hundred partners new centuries commercial building - Nampo bridge - The yu garden - people square - Jingjiang hotel. Operation time: 9: 00 - 18: 00 (each 1 hour anchors stand).

>> "Three horizontal three vertical" Main road
The Shanghai urban district "Three horizontal three vertical" main road project, in the loop line constructs three crosswise (east and west trend), three longitudinal (north and south trend) the fast road in Shanghai, the design vehicle speed for each hour 60 kilometers. The 90's start, Shanghai speeds up the engineering construction dynamics, opens up successively, rebuilds, wards off passes 28 kilometers paths, the total length achieved 55.407 kilometers, become the fast main road of Shanghai urban district.
Shanghai urban "Three horizontal three vertical" road to be completed, with the shape of "shen" overhead road which already completed constituted Shanghai's three-dimensional transport network, thus alleviated the municipal of traffic contradiction. After this project completes, the urban road vehicles general speed from original 7 to 15 kilometers enhances to 30 to 40 kilometers, the average per person holds the area from 2.1 square kilometers to enhance to 7.53 square meters, and undertook the major part of increasing the traffic flow magnitude.

>> The Nampo bridge
The Nampo bridge began in 1988, in 1991 December completed and open to traffic. This bridge main span uses the double tower double rope surface which not to suppose to the pillar in the river to fold gathers the diagonal cable bridge, the center hole span is 423 meters, the bridge is high 46 meters. The main bridge supposes 6 mobile traffic lanes, each traffic lane width is 3.75 meters, not suppose the mobile traffic lane, two sides suppose go sightseeing the sidewalk, the bridge floor effective width is 28 meters, the Puxi approach span use the spiral ferrule shape, the Pudong approach span are the oval, both banks separately connect with the Zhongshan south road, Lu Jiabang road and Pudong south road, Yang Gaolu and so on .

>> The Yangpu Bridge
The Yangpu Bridge began to construct in 1991, in 1993 September completed and opened to traffic. North the bridge meets the Ningguo road, HuangXing road, the road connected with high structure road in the loop line in Zhou Jiazui road. South meets the Luoshan road, and connects with the Pudong main road. The total length is 7,658 meters including the approach span, the height which is open to navigation is 48 meters. The main span is 1,172 meters, the center hole span is 602 meters, was the world similar longest diagonal cable bridge at that time. The main bridge floor supposes 6 mobile traffic lanes, two sides suppose go sightseeing the sidewalk, the bridge floor width is 30.35 meters.

>> The Xupu bridge
The Xupu bridge is located the Puxi Xuhui area between the Puxin road and the Pudong three routes, east meets south of YangGao road, west continually the Zhumei road. The bridge began to open the traffic in 1994, in 1997 June completed to open the traffic. The bridge width is 35.95 meters, suppose 8 traffic lanes, and supposes the overhauls traffic lane, does not suppose going sightseeing the sidewalk, is the main road to pass the river on the outer ring road .

>> The Yenan east road tunnel
In 1991, the passing through vehicles of Yenan east road tunnel has reached 1,400 at high bee hour, (now chooses a name with the original Yenan east road along with for Yenan east road tunnel north line) forms the Shanghai city underground Vietnam river transportation key positions which have bidirectional four traffic lanes with the Original Yanan east road tunnel. West is from the Yenan east road Fujian street intersection, east is to the Yang family residence street intersection of LuJiazui, the span is 2,261 meters, in which the tunnel partial passes through the Huangpu River lengths is 1,476 meters. The traffic lane width and highly respectively is 7.5 meter and 4.5 meters. Puxi exports like the sound fork-shaped. The design capacity for mixes vehicles is bidirectional 1,000 each hour.

>> The subway No 1 line
The subway No 1 line is the high-speed track transportation line which is the south and north trend pass through the Center city. South is from the Jinjiang paradise, through the Humin road, the Caoxi road, the Hengshan road, the Huai Hai middle road, turn to north to the people's square from the Songshan road, Trough the new floodgate road to pass through Suzhou River and then arrive the Shanghai train station, the span is 16.365 kilometers, It is composed by long reaches 13.37 kilometers underground tunnels (including station) and 2.995 kilometers grounds lines, altogether supposes 13 stations along the route. The far designated date the delivers ability is 1 million people. The project began to construct officially on January 19 in 90's, basically completes in December of 1994, in April of 1995 starts the entire line to try the operation. The line extends to the Xin village is opened to traffic on 1 July of 1997, the line span is increased to 20.969 kilometers. Altogether supposes 16 stations along the way, 11 underground stations, 5 grounds stations, the through running needs 30 minutes approximately.

>> The subway No 2 line
The subways No 2 line is from the Hongqiao Airport at west, through the Tianshan community, the Zhongshan Park, the Jinan temple, the people's park, and through the busiest downtown area of Shanghai - - Nanjing east road, surmounts the Huangpu River to the Pudong flowers and trees area, link many business center and the Pudong development zone, and connect with Pudong newly built international spatial port, the span is 57 kilometers.
The first issue project of subways No 2 line is west from the Zhongshan Park to Zhnagjiang river of Pudong , the span is 19 kilometers, altogether supposed 13 stations, the project begins from 1996, completed the test communications vehicle in October of 1999.

>> Track transportation bright twisted thread
The first issue of "Track transportation bright twisted thread" is south from the Shanghai south station, north to Baoshan Steel Corporation. The first issue project is from canal diameter to Jiangwan town, the span is 24.97 kilometers, the land line is 3.6 kilometers, high wire laying is 21.37 kilometers. Supposes 19 stations along the route, plans to complete to open the traffic in 2000. Later again will extend to the Baoshan Steel Corporation, entire line altogether supposes 26 stations, the span is 39 kilometers. Arranges according to the driving organization, the travel speed is each hour 35 hours, the design smallest driving gap in the near future will be 8 minutes, forward will be 2 minutes.

>> The Shanghai overhead road system
The Shanghai overhead road system is the skeleton of Shanghai three-dimensional transport skeleton line network, has poured into the nearly 20 billion investments, its scale and the standard are unprecedented in the world big city, its function and the benefit demonstrate the huge influence to the Shanghai social economy development day by day.

>> The loop line high structure
The inner rim line project began in 1992, in 1994 December completed to open the traffic, entire line total length is 45.7 kilometers. In the republican new road, the Yenan west road, respectively construct the large-scale mutually general formula multi-level crossing bridge at the Caoxi north road and the Luban road. The Puxi inner ring road high structure partially is the bidirectional 4 traffic lanes, the ground department divides into the bidirectional 4 traffic lanes, each side adds separately has the separation the non-motor vehicle road. Pudong part is the ground road, the bidirectional 6 traffic lanes, add the non-motor vehicle road. The Nampo bridge and Yangpu Bridge are the bidirectional 6 traffic lanes, the vehicle special-purpose.

>> The north and south high structure road
The north and south high structure road started to construct in 1994, the north is from the LiuYing road, south to the south Zhongshan road, the span is 8.45 kilometers, in 1995 completed to open the traffic. The entire line overhead road changes arrangement according to the bidirectional 6 traffic lanes, construct mutually general formula grade separation at the Zhongshan north road, the Tianmu road, the Yenan road and Zhongshan south road, and constructs the Suzhou River bridge. Altogether supposes 7 pair of circular routes at the north and south of Xujiahui road, south the Huai Hai middle road, north the Weiahi road, south the Nanjing west road, north the Xinzha road and south the Yongxing road .

>> The Shanghai train station
The railroad new passenger station is the large-scale synthesis construction projects in 80's of Shanghai. The new passenger station design capacity is 72 pairs, the station square entire date and the rush hour stream of people turnover design quantity respectively is 575,000 people and 50,000 people; The vehicles volume of goods handled respectively is 33,000 vehicle-times and 03,000 vehicle-times. According to the stream of people, the vehicles stream and the condition of using the land, determines the new passenger station establishment north and south two squares. The square plan area is 97,000 square meters, south square is approximately 67,000 square meters; North square is 30,000 square meters, the pedestrian, the vehicular traffic and the stop area respectively is 10,000 square meter, 7,200 square meter and 12,800 square meters. The passenger might nearby ride the bus, reduces detours, to improve the riding condition. Meanwhile intersect with the subway No 1 line and the "bright twisted thread" which is constructing of track transportation, forms the highly effective passenger flow collection and distribution center.

>> The Hongqiao Airport
The Hongqiao Airport is situated at the western suburbs of Shanghai. East from the city outer ring road, west to railroad south new loop line, south the Shanghai Qingping highway, north to the Beiqu road, it is 26.4 square kilometers, airport main body is 16.4 square kilometers, the comprehensive development zone is 6.6 square kilometers, the peripheral green space encircles is 3.4 square kilometers. Plan design rush hour airplane take off and landing is 85 sortie, year take off and landing is 264,000 sortie, year turnover passenger 2,600 ~ 43.57 million people, goods postal transportation amount is 1.33 million tons.
The runway configuration arrangement form uses the parallel runways which spacing is 1,700 meters long-distance ranges, present runway plan length is 3,600 meters, new runway plan length is 4,000 meters. Terminal area arrange the middle of two runways. Uses the international airway passenger is 35 square meters each human. The domestic service is 25 square meters, the air station building final scale is 500,000 square meters. The planning considered to expand the existing freight transportation area, develop to the northern is connect with the guest apron, at the same time plan to establish the second freight transportation area in the east runway south tip of west side. The comprehensive development zone arrange the west of the airport, its south supposes the storehouse area which relay to store in, The middle supposes the development zone administrative center and the hotel.
The public activity center arrange at the east of the airport, establishes the serving construction and the facility for arranging the passenger to eat, to live, active content the and so on the line, shopping, entertainment, commerce and conference, use the meal and residence facility around the waiting building square, and develop to the rainbow bridge, merges with two sides guesthouse groups into one whole organic.
Passenger's sending and picking up, Underground railway No 2 undertake 50 percent the passenger stream, 30-40 percent are undertook by the planning 4~ 8 public transportation lines. The airport external communication, mainly connect the Hongyan road (now west partial of Yenan high structure road) by 6 traffic lanes overhead road which is north and south trend. Connect the airport with the urban district suburban counties by 6 east and west trend road - the Hongyan road, the Hongqiao road, the west of Tianshan road, the Beiqu road, the Qing-Hu highway and Qing-Hu-Ping highway, and 2 south and north trend oad -- city outer ring road, Qixin road. The Hongyan road is a whole seal up high-speed road, west meets the Shanghai -Qing-Ping highway, exchanges the grade separation with the city outer ring road, the red line width is 45 meters, the high structure road is 6 traffic lanes vehicles special-purpose road.

>> The Pudong international airport
It is as the symbol of modernization city of Shanghai in 21st century, Pudong has a modernized, the high standard external communication key position. Take the air harbor control area around the airport 2 ~ 3 kilometers regions. The airport scale is arranged according to the three runways in field, rush hour take off and landing 80 ~ 100 sortie, the passenger transport rate is 4,000 ~ 50 million people all the year. 3 runways arrangement: West the side supposes group of parallel short distances runways, the spacing is 350 meters; East side supposes: 1 long-distance range runway, the spacing is 1,700 meters. 3 runways are the length 4,000 meters/widths 60 meters.
Airfield traffic: From the north side of city outer ring road leads the reserved road to the airport, the red line width is 80 ~ 100 meters, two sides keep 50 meters afforested belts respectively; West side of the airport has the plan the suburb ring circuit; The periphery has the Beichuan road, the Chuannanfeng road, the Zhouzhu road and so on 3 main road. Fast has the axle transportation is the main relation form of airport and the city, the underground railway No 2 linear extensions sections may go directly to the airport; The plan Pudong railroad may reach south the entrance of airport. Definite passenger freight volume according to every year 7,000 ~ 80 million people, transported goods volume according to every year 5 million tons plans designs. The airport air station arranges the air freight and the machine repair total plane arrangement by 4 parallel runways, in 4 units types air station building and 2 main runways.

>> Magnetism aerosol high speed train
Magnetism aerosol high speed train system is one kind new the axle transportation system, it similarity lies in with the traditional wheel track train: It may economically achieve the high speed compared to the wheel track railroad (400 - 550km/H), realized has not touched, does not bring the fuel the ground "flight", thus had the praise of "the airplane on land". The low speed movement magnetism aerosol train basically does not have the noise, also has the obvious superiority in the environmental protection aspect compared to other mass transit tools. The magnetism aerosol train fast, the low consumption, the security, comfortable, the economy, does not have the pollution, also disposes the facility according to the flight fire protection standard, is one kind of he long high overall performance transport which collect numerous disadvantage. This line main line span is approximately 30 kilometers. The design speed and the movement speed respectively are 505 kilometer and 430 kilometers. The movement train design is 9 compartments, may ride 959 people, each hour may start out 12 rows, the bidirectional transportation amount may reach 2.03 million people; According to moves 18 hours computations every day, the year transportation amount may reach 36.54 million people. After opening the traffic, the passenger only needs 7 minutes to be possible to arrive the Pudong international airport from the Shanghai urban district.

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