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Travel guide of Shanghai

Shanghai is known as the construction exposition of countries, lives up to reputation. That Nampo, Yangpu Bridge which born suddenly, the subway, the high structure the loop line, lets you feel to the municipal transportation modernization of Shanghai.
The Nanjing road, the Huai Hai road, as well as Xujiahui commercial city which west of Shanghai, northern side the new passenger station lively district, is unfolding the modernized city appearance together, or you may go to be old Chneghuang temple which located the south urban district of Shanghai, there has a greatly scale new Yu garden commercial market, the synthesis tourist attraction which composed by the ancient botanical garden, the ancient neighbor, the ancient building.

>> The Bund - the symbolizes of Shanghai
Bund is most has the characteristic, the most famous landscape in this Eastern metropolis, it east from the Zhongshan east 1 road, north from the outside Baidu bridge, south to the Jinling east road, facing the open mother river ---- Huangpu River, the back relies on the modelling to be rigorous, the style different architectural complex. As a result of its unique geographical position and the influence in recent centuries in the economic activity domain to Shanghai and even China, enable it to have the extremely rich cultural connotation. Bund's river surface, the causeway, afforest the vista which the belt and the tall and pleasing to the eye architectural complex constitutes, is the Shanghai landscape most has the characteristic. The Shanghai Bund once was the politics, the finance, the commerce and the cultural center of western big powers in Shanghai. The various countries' consulate mostly concentrated in here in the past. Bund also is the base of international finance capital in China. In addition, but also has the western big merchant's senior club -- Shanghai general meeting, but also has the English business Asia west Asia kerosene company building. Bund's these have the west to restore the old the principle construction style building, although stems from the identical designer, also not constructs at a time, but their construction style basic is unified, the entire construction contour line processing is also coordinated. Regardless of looking out into the distance, or wanders in it, all can feel one kind of vigorously, gracefully, the magnificent and expensive imposing manner. Therefore becomes one of signal architectural complexes in Shanghai which have "the construction read extensively of countries", also is the cultural heritage of human history.
Strolls in Bund, presents in the front is dozens of palatial buildings, constitutes different style but also the unified whole classical architecture art tone poem. After a century construction, north from the outside Bai Duqiao bridge, south arrives at the Jinling east road approximately, in this only three kilometers long arc, stands erect row after row 52 each kind of style building, has the English type, France type, the Spanish type, the Greek type, the Renaissance type and so on.
Many foreign consulates at that years, like the English consulate, the French consulate, the Russian consulate and so on all concentrated in here in the past, but also some many foreign bank, firm, general meeting, newspaper office and so on. Looked from the construction, These have the west to restore the old the principle construction style building like Band, although stems from different designer, also is not constructs at a time, but their construction style is basic unified, the entire construction contour line processing also is coordinated, Therefore Shanghai becomes one of signal architectural complexes which have "The constructs reads extensively in countries", also is the human history cultural heritage.

>> The people's square
The people square is located the center spot of urban district, is standing erect the new municipal government building and the Shanghai museum. Area is 137,000 square meters, green space is 80,000 square meters. It is a garden square which melts the administration, the culture, the transportation, the trade in a body, and constitutes an organic with the people's park. In the modelling style, It has the characteristic of open, natural, succinctly and sprightly.

The peripheral building
The new municipal government building is located north side of the square presently, the Shanghai museum new hall then faces each other across a great distance in the south side; Shanghai's another signal construction ---- Shanghai big theater is located northwest of the square, adjacent municipal government building; Shanghai urban planning show hall at northeast side has risen, forms a nice contrast with the Shanghai big theater. But the square underground is a Shanghai subway No 1 line people square station, what is connected with the people's square underground station is two modernized market - Hong Kong famous shop streets and enlightens the beautiful underground market. A people's main road which is east and west trend, the length is 600 meter, the width is 32 meters become with the granite shop crosses in front of the municipal government building.

>> The Shanghai big theater
Shanghai big theater is located the center of Shanghai, Design by the French architect Saherchongjie, It was completed in 1998, the construction total area was 62,803 square meter, the construction gross altitude is 40 meters. Entire construction is 2 in underground, ground is 6, crown is 2, total is 10. The outward appearance novel is unique, Like a crystal palace, graceful stands erect in the people's square northwest corner. One of metropolis new landscapes.

>> The Nanjing road
The Nanjing road east from the Bund, west up to Yanan west road, span is 5,400 meters. A liveliest section from Bund to Jinan temple, span is 5,000 meters, personal called "ten miles long streets". The Nanjing road take Tibet Lu as the boundary, its east is the Nanjing east road, its west is the Nanjing west road, is called the Nanjing road. Nanjing road has the praise of "The first commercial street of china " which building gorgeous, the store stand in great numbers, the night scene is magnificent . In 1995, is evaluated one of "top-notch scenic sites".

>> The Pudong newly developed area
Just like European some cross river city, the Huangpu River divides Shanghai into west and east two parts. East is Shanghai, also is the Pudong newly developed area which today attracts worldwide attention, is located the east side of Huangpu river, separates the river with beautiful Bund to face one another, borders on East China Sea, west facing the Pacific Ocean, clutches Yangtze River and to connect the interior, is in the intersection of Chinese "golden waterway" and "gold coast", the area is 533 square kilometers. Borders on East China Sea, the region appear the triangle, the back closes right up against of a Yangtze River delta which is one of China richest most and populous areas, facing Asian some developed countries and area, harbor densely covered, the transportation is convenient.
On April 18, 1990, the Chinese government announced to develop and open the Shanghai Pudong area, proposed take developing and opening Pudong as the main item, further opens the Yangtze River coast city, completes Shanghai as the international economy, the finance, one of trade centers as soon as possible, leads the Yangtze River delta and the entire Yangtze valley area economy new leap. The developing and opening of Pudong has provided the historical opportunity for Shanghai. Opens after ten years development and opening, the Pudong economy is high speed development, the city appearance had the astonishing change, the Pudong newly developed area has become the Shanghai emerging high tech industry and the modern industry base, became the Shanghai new economical point of growth, became the key point and the symbol of Chinese 90's reform and open policy. Pudong, depends upon the economical and the society cultural base which Shanghai agglomerates for a long time, enjoys the Shanghai unique geography superiority, the transportation superiority, the talented person superiority and the industrial superiority, as well as the social environment of good policy and friendly person, Have the reputation of: "Enters the Chinese the front door of economy, golden key opens the Chinese market, connects Chinese and the world economics bridge" by everywhere public figures.

>> The Eastern pearl broadcasts the television tower
The Eastern pearl tower is Shanghai broadcasts the television tower, the tower height is 468 meters, began construction in July 30, 1991, on October 1, 1994 completed. This high tower pulled out but not only effectively improved the Shanghai area reception of TV and listens to the quality, also became the Shanghai city signal construction and one of traveling hot spots, is included the Shanghai new ten big landscapes. The people expressively called it "the big bead, small bead fall the jade plate" the bead tower.
The Eastern pearl television tower height is 468 meters, reach to the sky, are located the bank of Shanghai Huangpu River, on the mouth point of Pudong LuJiazui, constructs with Bund's "countries reads extensively the group" to separate the river to face one another. Goes against in the tower bends down looks at the Shanghai scenery, too beautiful to behold! With Nampo, the Yangpu two bridges constituted the beautiful scene "the double dragon play the bead", the tower height is 468 meters, is only inferior in the Canadian Toronto television tower (553.3 meters) and the Moscow Austria Stan gold television tower (533.5 meters),Is the high tower which is the first of Asia and the third of world. Is the symbol of Shanghai city civilization and the developed.
Reaches as high as 468 meter Eastern pearl tower, collect with broadcast television launch, the entertainment tour in a body, the height is 263 meter the spheroid is the best quarter to look down the whole city scenery. Goes against in the tower bends down looks at Shanghai the view, too beautiful to behold! This chart is photographed far from 260 meters place.

>> The golden trade building
The gold trade building stands in the Huangpu River bank LuJiazui finance trade center, is sign of Shanghai one of 21st century signal constructions to go into the 21st centry. The building towers in the Huangpu river bank LuJiazui finance trading area center, remote to the Eastern pearl the broadcasts television tower, adjoins the Yenan east road tunnel portal, connects with the subway No 2 line, its main body construction is 88 floors on the land, underground is 3 floors, the height is 420.5 meters, the area is 23,611 square meters, the total floor space is 290,000 square meters, are the ultrahigh layer skyscraper which is the perfect union with Eastern tower shaped construction style and the modern science and technology. Its height is only inferior in the Malaysian Kuala Lumpur's double tower building and the American Chicago's Sears building, is tall building which is the first of domestic and the third of world at present.
The golden trade building is the intellectualized upscale building which melts the work, the commerce, the guesthouse and so on the multi- functions in one body, The 3-50th floor may hold more than 10000 person of at the same time work, the spacious bright non- column space; The 51-52nd is the electromechanical device level; The 53-87th is in the highest ultra five-star level gold triumphant pleased big hotel in the world, The 56th floor to the tower top layer core tube is one diameter 27 meter, the sunlight may penetrate under refracts only spatially reaches as high as 142 meter " airborne quadrangle "; Surrounds all around of the quadrangle is 555 guest rooms and various types Chinese and West dining room the different size, style is each different and so on; The 86th is the entrepreneur club; The 87th is the airborne dining room; The 88th floor which was apart from ground 341 meter is now the highest viewing scene floor in domestically, might hold more than 1000 tourists. Two speeds will be 9.1 meters / second high speed elevators send the guest straight to the viewing floor with 45 seconds from basement 1 floor, look all around, as far as the eye can see will look into the distance from a high place, the Shanghai new appearance will get a panoramic view. The golden trade building created " the high, deep, new, essence" four aspects new records in the domestic and foreign ultrahigh layers construction. Leaves audiences' design and the superior geography position, will certainly to become one Shanghai richest attraction a-grade building.

>> Shanghai international conference center
The Shanghai international conference center is situated under the Eastern pearl tower, the APEC attracts worldwide attention Shanghai conference once was held in here. If I said, is that meeting which 2001 year end various countries head together photographs who wears Tang clothes, you definitely cannot be strange.

>> APEC conference site - Shanghai science and technology city
Shanghai scenic spot most has sign of 21st century - Shanghai science and technology city is high west and lowly east, the spiral rise construction body stands the surface cover the main body under the giant wing shape roof which slowly raises to the east, It is the profound intention which is symbol one piece of the history evolution, simultaneously also initiated the people association with the" nature . Person . The technical " subject of technical city and the advancement, the development, soars the open which connected it.

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