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  ♦ Magnificent International Plaza & Hotel
  ♦ Yun'S Paradise Hotel
  ♦ Holiday Inn Downtown, Shanghai
  ♦ Lakeside Holiday Inn, Shanghai
  ♦ Renaissance Yangtze Shanghai Hotel

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Shanghai Shopping

Especially gives a recommendation: Paris Spring is regarded as the markets of a fashion of Shanghai , internationalization in that lies on the Huaihai road, in happiness shopping festival, unite more than 20 VIP favourable trade company put out the favourable certificate of use. To January 2 , hold a lot of star light bright activity, move recreation on 5th floor, 6F men's clothing man shoes, it is give 50 general merchandise dress first special discount voucher to have 100 fuller. buy more and have more. During the activity, every special counter in spring of Paris, prepare the bargain goods planned to choose carefully on Christmas too.
During the gold hawk market activity the whole audience prevail goods is buying 300, movement goods buy 500 give 100 cash gift token the same day, kitchen utensils little electrical home appliances buy 300 give 30 cash gift token, buy more and get more; it will add give one gold hawk the whole year 2005 desk calendar (whether limit present 400 every day); Single pieces of invoice is full 300 give one Zhang Xinzhe brand-new CD (limit present 15 every day to have; Except the special case goods). The first floor cosmetics give 20 cash gift token, single cupboard is i limit one to have 100 all overrer to do shopping “HOLA special strength room” is claimed to enter retailing the sales field first of the hinterland by the special strength group, during the activity it is make concessions item to carefully choose every week to January 19 2005 from the this day, introduce 5 kinds of interest concessions goods every week, get up 1.9, thing exceed worth.

Handicraft of Shanghai

Shanghai is an old cultural city, in era when modern industry finds at full speed, the handicrafts still have their unique glamour. Now recommend several very representative handicrafts to everybody.
Shanghai woolen needlepoint tapestry divide into appreciate and practical two big class, win the domestic and international masses favourably and deeply like by abundant color, the level is clear, the model is vivid , the image is received. Shanghai carves and divides into five big classes of jade carving , ivory carving , wood carving , carved lacquer ware and stone carving. Shanghai jade carving divide into stove bottle, personage, birds, beast four kinds, have a traditional characteristic so as to the stove bottle most particularly. Ivory carving variety have ornamental engraving to be detailed to carve, skin carve and personage ,etc., is it good at to engrave with detailed flower particularly among them. Smithcraft has such varieties as gold and silver decoration, ornament , various kinds of metal wares and enamel handicrafts ,etc. mainly. Gold and silver decorations are the traditional handicraft of Shanghai, gold and silver ornaments of Shanghai, especially by inlaying the platinum ornaments and raising the richest characteristic of pearl ornaments.
Shanghai embroider have embroider , drawnwork , machine embroidery , mandarin coat , print stamp product , carpet , handmade artistic woolen tapestry seven big class to knit. The folk art in Shanghai stems from the people's lives, there are strong local colours. Various kinds of velvet, folk lantern, artificial silk flower, dough model , painted sculpture , paper-cut , carve paper , painted eggshell , national baby , in the style of the ancients bronze , clay sculpture pottery figurine and ticket pictures on the wall , wheat skeleton picture , silk pictures on the wall , answer silk paint Shanghai silk is important producing area of Chinese silk and one of the export places. Silk fabric , satin , damask silk , silk gauze , silk , crape , fine hair , Ge , silk and cotton fabric , thin silk cloth , yarn , Shao.

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