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Shanghai Overview

Shanghai to be called Hu, alternate name Shen, It s the biggest economic center city of China, also is the international famous port city. Has the extremely important status in China's economical development. Shanghai is located north latitude for 31'14'', the east longitude 121'29''. Shanghai is situated at the front of Yangtze River delta, the north boundary is Yangtze River, east is close to East China Sea, south is near Hangzhou bay, west meets Jiangsu, Zhejiang two provinces. Is situated at the center of north and south coastline, east at the Yangtze River delta, Yangtze River enters the sea from this, the transportation is convenient, center broad, the geographical position is superior, is a good Jianghai harbor.
The Shanghai whole city area is 6340.5 square kilometers, account for our country total area 0.06 percent, The length of south and north is 120 kilometers, while the wide of east and west is 100 kilometers. The urban area is 2057 square kilometers, the land area is 6,219 square kilometers, the water surface area is 122 square kilometers. Within the boundaries commands Chongming island, the area is 1,041 square kilometers, is the third Oshima of our country.
The majority areas of Shanghai are located the broad and level low and level Yangtze River deltaic plain, the network of rivers and lakes are densely covered, the north west sees here and there the small massif, average altitude above sea level is approximately 4 meters. Within the boundaries commands the Chinese third Oshima Chongming island as well asChangxing, Hengsha islands and so on, the Huangpu River and its the branch Suzhou rivers cross through the urban district.
To 2003 year's end, Shanghai has 18 areas, 1 county. Shanghai's old central city take the original south urban district, namely the present Huangpu area majority as a center, so-called has the rich humanities landscape and the historical vestige in this region. But Yang Pu area and Zhabei area, then is the old Shanghai's industrial center. Lu Wan area, Huangpu area, Jinan area, Hongkou area then has concentrated the historical style of foreign settlement of French, England and Japan and so on old Haifa anglo, therefore leaves behind a large quantities of celebrity former dwelling and the western-style architectural complex in this region. In recent years, the Xuhui area, the Minhang area with all one's strength development caused the southwest block region of Shanghai to change with each new day, becomes another central city of Shanghai. The Xuhui area has concentrated the massive commercial service organization, but Minhang is becoming a high degree of concentration of the inhabitant housing region of Shanghai.
The development speed of Pudong is a miracle. Several years ago, the proverb of " prefer a Puxi bed, did not want a Pudong room" now again also not to be able to find the trace. Pudong rapidly is developing into the far east finance trade center, coordinates with the shore Bund of great distance with opposite, testimony the Shanghai more than100 years changing constantly.
Shanghai, the Chinese biggest city, looked like the magnet to attract the domestic and foreign tourists equally, was both remembers past times and the modern age, also the East also the western city. More than 100 years ago, after Shanghai opens the port, the transportation is convenient, ten thousand business converged, the industry is prosperous, the writer studies, receives passes on the culture, usually gain the good fad, It is a big city which once had the praise of "no night city", Recent years reglowed the enchanting elegant demeanor, it also remembered past times and is modern, both the rich Eastern charm and the western flavor, made one be infatuated. The people attract by her cultural, the history, the humanities as well as the impulse and the vigor which the city metropolis displays as the world-class. Like the west Pacific coast pearl, has fine reputation of "the Eastern pearl".

The city sign of Shanghai

The city sign, in 1990 considered to be passed by the Shanghai Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, The Shanghai sign is designed by the city flower michelia alba, Junk and propeller three compositions triangle. The triangle chart takes the form of the steamboat propeller, Is symbolizing that Shanghai is the city which goes forward unceasingly, the hoists the sails the junk in the center which goes to sea is the most ancient ships of Shanghai, It is symbolizing Shanghai is a history glorious port city, Has demonstrated bright magnificent tomorrow. The background of junk is the full bloom michelia alba which welcoming the early spring.

The Shanghai city flower

In 1986 considered passed by the Shanghai Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, decision michelia alba for Shanghai city flower. The michelia alba under Shanghai's climate, blossoms specially early, the change from winter to spring, before the Qingming Festival, it is in full bloom on the numerous flower; The Baiyu orchid is greatly pure white, when opening upward. To choice michelia alba as the city flower, is symbolizing one kind of trailblazer, the spirit of revitalizing upward.
Shanghai is the world famous harbor, Shanghai develops to today, has experienced long but the winding process. After in May, 1949 Shanghai liberated, established the Shanghai people's government, supposed Huangpu, Laozha, Yimiao, Penglai, Songshan, Lu Wan, Changshu, Xuhui, Changning, Puto, Zhabei, Jinan, Xincheng, Jiangning, Beizhan, Hongkou, north the Sichuan road, the handbasket bridge, Yang Pu, Yulin and so on 20 areas and Xinshi, the Jiangwan, Woosung, Dachang, Xinjing, LongHua, Ynagjing, Zhenru, Gaoqiao and so on 10 suburbs. At the same time, Shanghai's suburban counties south of Jiangsu, the north of Jiangsu, latter has jurisdiction by Jiangsu Province. 1,956, through the adjustment, the Shanghai area of jurisdiction reduces as 18. In 1958, in order to meet the urban development need, The Jiangsu Province respective Shanghai area suburban counties are include within Shanghai, so Shanghai will govern Huangpu, the Yimiao, Penglai, LuWan, Xuhui, Changning, Puto, Zhabei, Xincheng, Jiangning, Hongkou, the handbasket bridge, YangPu, Yulin and so on 14 areas, Pudong, Jiading, Paoshan, Shanghai, Chongming, Songjiang, Fengxian, Nanhui, Qingpu, Chuansha, Jinshan and so on 11 counties, the total area amounts to 6340.5 square kilometers, It is bigger ten times than the beginning of the founding of the nation. In 1960, abolished the Yimiao, Penglai sets up the south urban district; Abolishes Xincheng, Jiangning, sets up the Jinan area and abolishes the handbasket bridge area and the Yulin area, Shanghai County to set up the Minhang area, Baoshan County to set up the Woosung area, next year abolished Pudong County. In 1964, abolished the Minhang area and the Woosung area, hereafter Shanghai maintained 10 areas and 10 counties invariably reaches for more than 10 year long time. After the Great Cultural Revolution ended, 1,980, 1981 two years, set up the Woosung area and the Minhang area again. In 1988,Abolishes the Woosung area and Baoshan County changes to the Baoshan area. In 1992, Abolish the Jiading county, set up the Jiading area. In order to reform and open furthermore, in 1993 abolished Chuansha County, merge with its boundary territory and Huangpu, Yang Pu, the Pudong area of south the city to set up the Pudong newly developed area. In the same year, abolishes Shanghai County and the Minhang area, gathers supposes the new Minhang area. 20 century's ends, the Songjiang, Qingpu, and the Jinshan County chang to the area. In 2000 south urban district then includes within the Huangpu area. Until now, the Shanghai whole city governs 18 areas, 1 county, as the biggest city of national.

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