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The best tour time in Shanghai

Shanghai is the subtropics oceanity monsoon climate. The main climate characteristic is: Spring is warm, the summer is burning hot, autumn is cool, winter is cloudy and cold, annual rainfall is moderate, the season assignment is quite even. The generally speaking is temperate moist, the four seasons are distinct.
The highest temperature of Shanghai is June and July two months, these year Shanghai's summer is more and more hot, The numbers of days surpasses 35 ? high temperature about 10 days; The winter at the end of January to the beginning of February (usually is Spring Festival period) is coldest, the sudden and severe cold weather number of days although are not many (generally continues 3 day), but the northerners all can't afford the wet and cold of south of Changjian river, often blows the piercing leaning north wind, does not put on the clothing which some thickly maintains warmth not to be good, the glove, the scarf, the hat also must be fully armed. Snows the day are not many, sometimes all year long does not have the snow. In March to May is bloomy spring, is the best tourist season. Needs to remind specially is the rainy season from mid-June to the beginning of July, suddenly clear and suddenly rain, more than 20 day-long rainfalls approximately compose the 1/4 of whole year, this period of time not suitably goes to travel. From the end of August to the middle of September is the the season which the typhoon sends, always have torrential downpour. These two time intervals certainly to have to bring the good parasol-cum-umbrella when traveling Shanghai, but it is burning hot in this time climate, the umbrella also may serve as the visor to evade the sun. The Shanghai sunrise sunset is: Winter solstice 6:49 sunrise, 16:57 sunset, summer solstice 4:50 sunrise, 19:01 sunset.

The keys of saving time to travel in Shanghai

>> Establishing the detailed plan
While establishing the plan, you had better put the close beauty spots together to sight-see as far as possible, the company and trip combine. If visiting in Lujiazui, Babaiban, Waitan, Chenghuang Temple, People Square, Nanjing Road, Longhua and Xujiahui, you should consider the factors that the transportation hugs to block up, should the adequacy stay enough, do not chase that the route of travel arrangement is too tight. If you just go to Shanghai, are very unfamiliar to this city, might accord to your aspiration, how much time, economic condition, according to two recommendation route of traveling in this chapter, arrange your trip of Shanghai. In addition to this book, the latest version map of Shanghai is your necessary good assistant in Shanghai, the maps' species of Shanghai are numerous, the quantity is not even, a lot of maps are all to modify a month on the original diagram paper at the beginning of every month, the contents also did not change, and then were printed out to sell. While purchasing maps, please recognize the maps of having the marking of "the quality center of Shanghai defends the false appropriation. For the self-help traveling, the biggest help to you is still the map of Shanghai of transportation, sightseeing, shopping in 2001 versions which are published by Sanlian Bookstore in Shanghai.

>> Make use of the tour special line
Outskirts tour or go to peripheral city in Shanghai to travel, you had better take the tour special line to go in the stadium of Shanghai or Hongkou Football Field, these special lines establish the best beauty spots of a certain area or county for a line, a line is the visiting of a day, and have the more fixed schedule, saving time, labor and money.

>> Pay attention to reserve
Consult with much and make use of flourishing communication system in Shanghai and hold the perfect tour well services of distance to reserve. There are still consultation service centers which spread all over each tour of main view area in Shanghai, which also can provide the tour consultation for you, sell to travel one card passing, reserve the drama tickets, ball tickets, movie tickets, the tickets of bus and boat etc. If you go to the well-known restaurant to have a meal, must order 24 hours in advance, otherwise need to wait for a long time. The Chinese and western fast food, such as Kentucky, McDonald, Yonghe Bean Milk, Xinya Dabao...etc., still have the services of sending to the meal to come.

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