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Shanghai History

Shanghai, is called " Shanghai ", alternate name " Shen ". Probably in 6000 ago, west of the now Shanghai had become the land, The east area had become the land about 2000 years ago. down the Spring and Autumn Period Warring States time, Shanghai ever is the Chu country Chunshen sir Huang Xie's government, therefore the Shanghai alternate name was " Shen ". A.D. four, five centuries Jin dynasty, The Song river (presently the Suzhou river) and Binhai's area inhabitant many take catches fish as lives, they created one kind of caught fish the tool which made by bamboo calls " retinue ", and further because at that time the river inflow sea place called " blasphemed ", therefore, the downriver of Songjiang area was called the " retinue blasphemes ", later again will change " retinue " to " Shanghai ".
A.D. 751 years (Tang tianbao ten years), have established Huating County in the nowadays sungchiang province area, north the scope to area today Hongkou, south to the seashore, east to under sand. A.D. 991 years (the Song Chunhua two years) because upstream the sungchiang unceasingly becomes too shallow after silting up, the coastline moves east, the steamship is inconvenient to go and come, the external ships have to anchor in a branch of sungchiang "Shanghai water's edge" (its position now is east of Bund to in 16 shops nearby Huangpu River) on, and establishes the small town in Shanghai water's edge West bank, chooses a name for the Shanghai town, A.D. 1260-1274 year (Southern Song Dynasty JingDing, Xianchun years),The Shanghai town already was an important commercial harbour. Shanghai this name is origin in Shanghai water's edge. In 1292 (from Yuan to yuan 29 years), the Yuan Dynasty central authorities government authorized Shanghai to set up Shanghai County, symbolized beginning of the city of Shanghai constructing16th century ( middle of Ming Dynasty) Shanghai becomes the center of national cotton and kapok spinning and weaving handicraft industry. In 1685 (Qing Kangxi 24 years) Shanghai establishment the custom. This time, Shanghai already was the city which has 200,000 population. After Opium War, Shanghai becomes one of important trading ports. From this time, the foreign big powers invade Shanghai, causes Shanghai as a southeast famous place turn to an industry and commerce malformed developing the semi-colonial semi-feudal nature city gradually. On May 27, 1949, Shanghai this had the honorable revolutionary tradition the city to be liberated, started the new life.

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Shanghai is as a historical glorious culture city. To 2003 year's end, 16 unit were included the nation key cultural relic preservation unit of Shanghai, city level cultural relic preservation organ are 114, commemorates place are 29, protects place are 14. Since up to now still has retained our country Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming, the Qing certain historical sites and the rich characteristic botanical garden. Has more than 1,000 years historical Long Hua the ancient temple, has constructs at three countries times Jinan ancient temple and well-known jade Buddhist temple in domestic and foreign, has Yu garden which is known as the famous garden of south of Changjiang river area, has the Confucian temple of Jiading, The square town of Songjiang, has Zuibaichi and so on. Shanghai completes one batch construction to enjoy a good reputation in the domestic and foreign functions one after another, constituted the enchanting civic landscape line, simultaneously also becomes the traveling new landscape of Shanghai, has demonstrated Shanghai's new style to the common people. Has Bund which symbolizes Shanghai; Has people's square which by the reputation for "the city green lung"; Had East pearl to broadcast the television tower which creates ten first of world; Has the Chinese first skyscraper gold trade building; As well as Nanjing road walk street, Shanghai museum, Shanghai big theater, Shanghai urban planning demonstration hall and so on !

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