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Shanghai Cuisine

Shanghai snack has the record when Southern Song Dynasty, the beginning of Ming dynasty Shanghai becomes the best place of southeast, the manufacture gradually hastens finely, along with the Shanghai trade prospers day by day in the peaceful and orderly times, seasonable suitable command each kind of rice, the noodle kind of snack variety is richer. The end of the Qing, after Shanghai listed as the foreign trading port, has absorbed each place flavor snack essence one after another, has included each main place characteristic nearly of the national, and performed to develop and the enhancement, formed own characteristic.
The Shanghai snack characteristic is the variety is many, concurrently north and south flavor; Chooses the material rigorously, the manufacture is fine; suitable for season and the festival, changes as the times; The supply is convenience and flexible. Respectively vegetables is converges in Shanghai, and through the new replacing the old, coexists, compound later has formed the present Shanghai good food. Now, Shanghai' has already formed The JIng, Yang, Sichuan, Guangdong group vegetable and primarily by the Shanghai local vegetable, including the vegetable of Suzhou, Wuxi, Ningbo, Hangzhou and so on.
If you travel to Shanghai, but do not have to forget tastes the Shanghai good food! Recommends several characteristics hotels in this to choose for you: The Shanghai local restaurant most famous has the Shanghai old hotel and the Dession hall restaurant. Famous Beijing restaurant have YanYun building, the Beijing hotel. Shanghai's Yangzhou group restaurant, regards the Yangchow hotel. At present the Guangdong Group vegetable enjoys a good reputation in Shanghai is the new elegant Guangdong restaurant, the apricot blossom building. Moreover also had the very many good food place for example Yunnan road the dessert in Meishi street, the zhapu road vegetable, the old town god's temple snack and so on all is place lets you not to forget!

The introduces of some special features snack:

>> Eight precious ingredients hot sauc
Eight precious ingredients hot sauce, Is one of famous Shanghai characteristic vegetables. Take eight poultry breeding, the meat, the vegetable fruit as the main raw material, Through mixes, fries the cooking to become. The flavor is fragrance with spicy, Therefore called "Eight precious ingredients hot sauce". Because the vegetable raw material is diverse, Therefore the color is rich, The favor is luminous, Fresh fragrant micro and spicy, Salty and comfortable.

>> Boiled chicken slices
"Mentions the boiled chicken slices, Factor small Shaoxing", This has become pet phrases of many Shanghai people. Because "small Shaoxing" selects the famous three yellow chickens which produced in Shanghai Pudong area, The quality is good, the flavor is tasty, so has won the general customers' affection. 'Small Shaoxing" has also become the famous shop of Shanghai.

>> Ming Manli eel
Ming Manli eel, Also names the blue ricefield eel, the phoenix ricefield eel, the river ricefield eel, Is one of precious fish in the fresh water. Because it richly contains Vitamin A, adds the high quality meat taste to be delicious, won the human reputation is "the ginseng in the water". The cooking of Manli eel, also may steam, Also may red-roast. When steams, Cuts open the belly the evisceration first, Again goes the head and tail, cuts long 2-4 centimeter connect, section with the knife, put in the tub, to Joins the seasoning yellow wine, the ginger, the onion, the oil and so on. After steams then edible. Its taste both tender and fresh also is fat, extremely delicious. When red-roast, Take the sections of Manli eel into oil to explodes golden yellow, After bails out puts in seasoning and so on lard, white sugar, soy sauce with another bowl when fries the deep red, Again will pour into the exploded fish section, After burns ripely puts ingredient and so on bamboo shoots piece, shiitake mushroom, Then starch with the water thickens soup, After drenches the stand oil then to install the trough edible, Its taste is fat but not oily, The fresh with the fat, Fragrant tender and delicious. Because the nutritional value of Manli eel is high, The flavor is extremely good, Therefore becomes the superior delicacies on the banquet.

>> Crisp skin young pigeon
This kind of young pigeon is from born to be adult is about 28 days, The weight reaches 0.8 or 1 catty. Under chef's careful manufacture, Roasts sallowly, Matches by the special seasoning, The pulp is fresh and tender, The feeling is the scorched of external and the render of internal in the mouth, Good for both young and old. The crisp skin young pigeon calls oneYuan pigeon. The consumption of customer in hotel amount to stipulation amount, So long as 1 Yuan can buy this orthodox Shanghai characteristic vegetable. Is typical eats the main vegetable, cost little money.

>> The Gaoqiao muffin
With the fine heroin powder, the ripe lard, the powdered sugar, the red bean, the sweet-scented osmanthus is a raw material, the fine processing to become, taste sweet fat, the pine crisp is tasty, is one of Gaoqiao four famous snack(muffin, loose cake, crisp fritter, as soon as pinches crisply). The middle of HuaiHai road the mill Ruijin street intersection Gaoqiao food products factory retail sales department monopolizes.

>> The crab shell yellow
Makes the crisp cake which have the skin and stuffing with fermentation wheat flour. The cake color and the shape resemble the boiled crab shell. The end product apper the brown-yellow, It is crisp, the pine, the fragrance. Early the shop front of Shanghai's all teahouses, tiger stove (boiling water monopolizes shop), is equipped with a vertical drier and a flat base mostly fries the pan burner, does while sells two small desserts -- crab shells yellow and live fries steamed bun crab shell yellow elegant crisp cake, lives fries the steamed bun to be fresh and tender, is deeply liked by the teashop customer. 20th century 30's later periods, appeared two varieties specialized shops which only sell these two kinds snack, For example the Huang family sand, the big pot spring, Wu Yuan and so on, is renowned in one's time.

>> The jujube paste cake
Made the crisp wheat flour is the skin, the black jujube paste is the stuffing, after fries in oil the mature wheaten food. Its luster golden yellow, small and exquisite, the cover crisp pine, the stuffing fragrant is delicious, deeply welcomed by the compatriots from Hong Kong and Macao and the Japanese tourist.

>> Lives fries steamed bun
Shanghai to call the steamed stuffed bun is a steamed bun, therefore, lives fries the steamed bun actually to live fries the steamed stuffed bun. With half fermentation bread stuffing, discharges in the flat-bottomed pan, used the oil to fry, sprays water certain times to be ripe. Its base color is golden yellow, hard fragrant with crisp, the steamed bread body is white, is soft but the pine, the meat stuffing freshly and tenderly brings the thick gravy slightly, also has the sesame seed or onion's fragrance when chews. Take leaves the pot hotly to eat as is good. Lives fries the steamed bun originally for the teahouse, the tiger stove (boiling water shop) the concurrently camp variety. The stuffing heart adds the skin by the fresh pork to be frozen primarily. After the 20th century 30's, the Shanghai catering business had has lived fries the steamed bun the specialized shop, the stuffing heart variety also increased the chicken, the shelled fresh shrimp and so on the many kinds of varieties.

>> Steams mixes grimly
It is steams first and boil the noodles second, then uses the cold wind to blow coolly, add the blends flavors mixes the food the wheaten food. In the Shanghai diet market, the grim always is the summer brisk sales variety. Around 1937, the facture all was boils thoroughly the noodles, make it cool with cold water. After 1949, the medical department endure sells it because grimly cooled with the unboiled water. In 1952, after four like spring confectionery stores adopted the noodles steam first then boil, then used the cold wind to blow the cool means processing to be grim, obtains successfully. Not only conforms to the hygienic requirement, also the processing noodles hard strong are smooth, receive the general customers' welcome.

>> The plain noodles
Also called the refacing. The folk custom called lunar calendar in October is the small spring, the Shanghai marketplace hides the language take ten as the spring. Before this each bowl sells ten articles money, therefore calls the plain noodles. The Kaiyang onion oil mix noodle calls the dried shelled shrimp onion oil mix noodle. By boils the dried shelled shrimp which the fragrant onion oil and burns thoroughly (Shanghai person called Kaiyang), mixes the food together with the boiled noodles. Noodles strong glutinous smooth, the dried shelled shrimp soft but is tasty, the onion fried wheatcake strongly fragrant fly to air. After 1945, the Chenghuang temple had surname Chen the stall keeper to boil the system onion oil using the northern Jiangsu hometown daily method, used for to mix the noodles. The onion fragrant rich which is out of the ordinary, receives very much welcome, to spread until now. Presently is the characteristic snack of Hubin confectionery store. Hundred kinds of fruit stuffing fermented glutinous rice dumpling take the fruit material as the stuffing, make by rolling package of the glutinous rise powder the small dumpling with the wine to boil. Fermented glutinous rice taste thick mellow, dumpling is glutinous, the stuffing is fragrant and sweet.

>> Strikes the sand dumpling
After glutinous rice dumplings boiled ripe, thoroughly rolls to strike the red soybean flour to become. The last years of Qing Dynasty, The Lei old woman who lived nearby three decorative archways in Shanghai is to sell the dumplings for live. She does everything possible to make up the dumplings to deposit and to carry the inconvenient flaw. The start, she rolled the dumplings surface with glutinous rice dried noodles, latter has trial produced each kind of dried noodles, finally the effect to use the red soybean flour to be really good, is welcome greatly by the restaurant patron.

>> The lard hundred Korean pine cakes
With the glutinous rice, the polished japonica rice mix, grind to the powder, adds the red bean, the fruit material and so on steams the system to become. It is the rice for old late part of the year to welcome the early spring. The cake body is soft fragrant, glutinous but does not stick, the fruit kind taste is diverse.

>> The oil fries the spareribs lunar new year's cake
The pig big platoon meat to assist with small but the thin lunar new year's cake, fries, the fever after the oil boils to become. This snack has two facture in Shanghai, respectively take the dawn hotel (old name small Changzhou, is called the king of spareribs) and Xindelai the confectionery store as representative, these two shops famous by manage the spareribs lunar new year's cake, but manufacture method is different, the taste is different, has the respectively characteristic, famous in Shanghai at the beginning of 30's in the 20th century.

>> The fresh meat cat ear
The tradition cat ear is kneads dough with the cold water to make the cat ear shape lump, with the diced chicken, the meat fourth place makes the ingredient, brings the soup to eat. The Shanghai Qiao Jiazha's cat ear creates have a style of one's own, with the boodle skin which made by hand, package enters the meat stuffing or the kidney bean paste, the oil fries to becomes, the flavor is special.

>> The Zao viviparus
Selects the viviparous of medium size, make the modulated old Zao as the main material, to become by boil. The viviparus meat fresh and tender vigor strong, the Zao halogen fragrance overflows, the soup is thick gravy mellow, the meat halogen eats together, is more tastier.

>> The Chenghuang temple pear
It had more than 1,300 years history. More than 100 years, Shanghai Chenghuang temple has opened the fruit paste sugar shop, Because the owner is good at managing, Causes the Chenghuang temple pear to praise the Chinese and foreign. This sugar divides into the the curative effect pear and the variety pear two kinds. The curative effect pear has relieves a cough evenly breathes heavily, promotes saliva or body fluids whets the appetite effectiveness. Is uses the almond, the platicodon grandiflorum, the Poris cocos, the pinellia, the coltsfoot, the peucedamum, dried orange and so on the raw material for medicine and the white granulated sugar passes through the suffering to purify together to become. The variety pear then with Chinese medicine and so on amomum xanthioides, Chinese hawthorn, clove, finger citron, banks rose adds on the white saccharine to boil to become. Presently specializes in selling by the Shanghai pear store in Yu garden commercial city.

>> The cream five spices bean
The cream five tonka beans take the local green broad bean as the raw material, add the anise, Chinese cinnamon, refined salt, white sugar, essence, cream purify and so on to become. Its characteristic is the micro belt sweet taste, pure delicious, the luster is bright and clean, aftertaste long ago, also can promote saliva or body fluids whets the appetite.

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