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  ♦ Magnificent International Plaza & Hotel
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  ♦ Holiday Inn Downtown, Shanghai
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Festival celebration activity choice of Shanghai

>> Festival celebration name: Knock into dragon's China's late clock
Activity characteristic: On every New Year's Eve, Chinese and foreign visitors will collect it here in , listen to "one hundred eight bells" on zero hour, welcome the lucky New Year.
Activity place: The ancient temple
Date: From the night of Dec 31 to before dawn on Jan 1 of second year

>> Movable characteristic of lantern fair of the Lantern Festival of garden of Yu
Activity characteristic: In the form of traditional lantern show, combine the modern scientific and technological idea, demonstrate Chinese traditional culture and light culture.
Activity place: The Yu garden store
Date: The lunar calendar, from the first day to the 18th of the first month of the lunar year

>> Longhua temple of Shanghai
Activity characteristic: It is by folk culture, Buddha teaching method can, the traditional folk market for content.
Activity place: The ancient town
Date: Before and after the 15th of the third lunar month in every year

>> Shanghai Naihui remit peach blossom festival
Activity characteristic: Show the beautiful rural scenery to visitor, represent the simple and honest local trait of condition of the people, look forward to the bright development prospect in the new countryside.
Activity place: Shanghai Nanhui county
Date: March - April of every year

>> International tea cultural festival
Activity characteristic: Shanghai makes friends by tea international tea cultural festival, convey feelings through tea, carry forward the grand festival of national culture.
Activity place: Zhabei district of Shanghai
Date: Come on April 26 every year May to 2 April

>> Shanghai international flowers festival
Activity characteristic: Bone a million over exotic flowers and rare herbs of long wind park will add the color limitlessly in riotous profusion for Shanghai that Spring is very much in the air.
Activity place: The long wind park
Date: April

>> Shanghai sweet-scented osmanthus festival
Activity characteristic: Becoming famous with the flower, the sweet-scented osmanthus is also held because of festival. Complement it with large-scale masses' sex tour, commerce, cultural activity.
Activity place: The CaoheJing scenic spot
Date: September - October of every year

>> Tour festival
Activity characteristic: The tour festival of Shanghai shows scene, city culture, large-scale travel festival activity of the city commerce of city of Shanghai mainly.
Activity place: Shanghai
Date: Begin on third Saturday of every September

>> International music firework festival
Activity characteristic: Bright and brilliant firework and all radiant splendour flows, there are symphonies from firework artists from all walks of life of the world.
Activity place: Shanghai
Date: Hold every September

>> Bamboo cultural festival
Activity characteristic: Taste the bamboo, award bamboos , listen to bamboos , buy bamboos .. Invite you to seek the bamboo culture of long standing and well established together.
Activity place: Shanghai
Date: Hold every September

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