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Shanghai Economical condition

Shanghai is China's old industrial base, in the reform and open policy, reveals magnificently again. In 1997 the Shanghai total quantity of GDP surpassed 336 billion Yuan, average per person GDP exceed 3,000 US dollars. Now, Shanghai has formed 6 big pillar industries. In 1997 the Shanghai passenger vehicle output broke through 230,000, Shanghai steel and the steel products output occupies nation iron and steel industry first. The correspondence industry five big kind of products, including controlled switch, optical fiber communications, mobile phone, satellite communication and terminal correspondence and so on sales income of programs are really considerable. Shanghai also has the Chinese biggest modernization petroleum refinement, the petroleum chemical industry, the synthetic fiber and the new plastic union production enterprise.
The Shanghai tertiary industry enhances year by year in the gross national product proportion. Prioritize industry and so on finance insurance, commercial trade, real estate, traveling, service, information consultant, has formed the big circulation, the big trade, the big market pattern. Commodity, metal, cooking oil, shipping, negotiable securities and so on each kind of exchange, foreign currency trading center, foreign bank, insurance company, financial company and so on " occupy the market", Shanghai has became one of cities which has the most kinds and quantity of foreign capital economic structure.
The Shanghai multiplication, multi-level, the multi-channel big foreign trade pattern reached a miniature form. At present Shanghai has established the trade relation with more than 170 national and the local more than 30,000 merchants. In 1997 port import-export goods total amount is exceed 58.7 billion US dollars, approximately composed the 1/6 of nation.
Shanghai has become the well-loved place of foreign investment. To 1997 year's end, the Shanghai whole city accumulation signed the use foreign capital contract project 20,630 items, including hundred worlds famous multinational corporations investment project nearly 300. Half of the industrial multinational corporations at the first hundred place of the world invests in Shanghai.
The Shanghai industry develops the high-tech content, the high market capacity, the high added value new product vigorously, new product output value grow fast. In 1999, the whole city altogether develops the new product more than 20,000 items, realizes the new product output value 69.307 billion Yuan, grew 34.2 percent compared to the last year, account 11percent of the whole city industry value.

The foreign trade

The foreign trade also is one of important reasons of Shanghai economy development. After reform and open policy, specially since entered the 90's, Shanghai advances the foreign trade organizational reform vigorously, optimizes the export product structure, positively develops the emerging market. 1978--2000 year, the Shanghai foreign trade imports and exports total accumulates 243.956 billion US dollars, the average grows every year 12.8 percent. In 2000, Shanghai foreign trade imports and exports value is total 38.604 billion US dollars, grew 23.1 percent compared to the last year, the export value is 18.785 billion, grow 17.7percent. The imports and exports capacity is enhanced. 1978--1999 year, the total imports and exports value is 514.162 billion US dollars accumulates through the Shanghai customs. Among them, in 2000 is 76.151 billion US dollars, grew 19.6 percent compared to the last year, account the 21.1percent of imports and exports value of national.

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