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The amusement in Shanghai

Shanghai increased many subjects park, the paradise in recent years. The modernized facility and the natural scenery, can make the passengers have more choices. the Shanghai teahouse, the place where professional storytellers perform in everywhere is the best choice. The teahouse all is 24 hours, but also some part is 24 hours infinitude drinks.
Shanghai is as the Chinese movie the birthplace and the world nine big film festivals hosts, have the multitudinous first-class video and music equipment the movie theater, lets you feel the effect which unequalled watches . Also has a series of first-class art facility, the theater in world.
The Shanghai opera, a kind of drama which is popular the place of Shanghai, origin in the Shanghai Pudong's folk song, latter forms the Shanghai Huang accent, also receives the influence of Suzhou Huang. The 20th century 30's perform by the enlightened drama form in Shanghai, and choose a name as the Shanghai opera. The plays are many are the contemporary theme, like "Cries Smiles Marriage affinity", "LuoHanqian", "Reedy lake Kindling material" and so on. The farce, is popular in places the such as Jiangsu, Shanghai, Zhejiang drama kind of drama. origin in Shanghai's "one-man show", The latter developed to the farce, the melody heterogeneous, the performance is funny. The main plays have "Three Wools to learn a business", "123 Walk In step" and so on.
Shanghai symphony orchestra which have long high reputation is one of most ancient symphony orchestras in China, and even in Asian, is the widespread influence the symphony specialized performance association in China. The orchestra performance program is more widespread and rich, and with Europe and world each place the renowned musician to cooperate the performance, the reputation spreads far and wide, by reputation for " The first of Yuandong".
Shanghai ballet group conclude in 1979, its predecessor is Shanghai dance school which set up in 1960 and the "white hair woman" teleplay group which make up of by the first graduates of ballet department of this school to in 1966. The drama of " white hair woman " of this group perform 1500 more than field in all parts of the world already, become representative directory of drama of our country national ballet, established the ballet group of Shanghai in the domestic first-class position at the same time .
Have the above recreation place, also certainly can't without amusement and fitness, let people of busy all day or rush about visitor for one day come relaxed body and mind, train the body. Night Shanghai is in the dissipated and luxurious, it is time for the good play to begin. Such various kinds of places of entertainment as night club , Karaoke disc , disco , bar , coffee house ,etc., can sing heartily , wave heartily here, take away the fatigue of over one day. In a word, Shanghai various informative place of entertainment can be found everywhere, novel amusement project push away layer make new advances often, make you so enchanted by the scenery as to forget to return in this metropolis.

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